General FAQ

Why do U6 through U19 players have two different jerseys?

We have a home and away jersey to be more in line with other clubs in our various playing leagues. Many of our opposing teams have uniform colors that are similar to ours or are Purple.  This will remove the need to use pinnies that often do not fit, get lost, are uncomfortable or sometimes unavailable. In U6, since our teams will play inner-club, there is a need for the “home” and “away” team to have different jerseys.

Where do I buy a jersey if my player needs one? 

We partner with Capelli Sport to provide our uniforms. New for the 2023 year there will be a webstore for parents to purchase their uniforms. It will be available after April 15th. You can also utilize our Land Park Soccer Facebook group to trade uniforms with those who might need to size up this year. 

What equipment does my child need?

All children should have a pair of cleats, shin guards, a ball sized appropriate for their age group, and a water bottle. The only exception to this is the Tiny Tots group – tennis shoes are OK, but no boots, rain boots, or sandals.  

Who is Land Park Soccer Club?

Land Park Soccer Club is a non-profit recreational soccer club located in the Land Park region of the City of Sacramento. The Club is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Club aims to create a positive soccer environment for all skill levels, supporting the physical and emotional development of youth through sports, and to nurture a life-long love of the sport.

What soccer programs are available through Land Park Soccer Club?

Land Park Soccer Club offers programs for players U4 through U19. For more information please see our Programs page.

Do you offer competitive soccer?

No, our soccer programs are all at the recreational level of play. We partner with Sacramento Soccer Alliance to give our teams and players an avenue for competitive play. They hold tryouts in the late spring/early summer of each year. To learn more about competitive play with SSA, please visit or contact [email protected].

Where are games played?

Home games are played at a variety of schools and parks in the Land Park area of the City of Sacramento. Exact locations are dependent on the age group. Away games are played throughout the greater Sacramento region. Exact distance is dependent on the age group, with older age groups playing games among a wider area. The Parent and Me program and U6 Academy is completely in-house, with all practices and scrimmages held locally within the Land Park Area.

When does player registration start and end?

Registration for the 2023 Fall Soccer season will start on April 1, 2023 and will close on May 31, 2023. Late registration will go into effect from June 1st to June 15th. After June 15th, we will activate a waitlist.

How much does registration cost?

Our prices are tiered for the 2024 year. 

  • Parent and Me Soccer with SRFC registration is $80.
  • U6 and U8 Registration is $140 per player.
  • U10 through U19 Registration is $150 per player.
  • All families will pay a $50 volunteer fee.
    • Coaches can use a voucher code to remove this fee, or if you register before registering to coach you will receive a refund.
What do the registration fees cover?

Player and coach development programs, partnership costs with SRFC, field permits and maintenance, referee fees, and more. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any further questions.

How are teams established?

All U6 and above teams are gendered and follow the US Soccer age restrictions.  Once registration is complete and we know how many players have, teams are formed.  Considerations are made based on player requests, school, age purity and size of teams.  NOTE: U6 teams may become co-ed if there are not enough players to complete fully gendered teams.

Can I request a team?

Of course, we try to honor all team requests. Please note that sometimes due to age restrictions or teams that are already full, we may have to assign your child to a different team. You will be asked to provide coach, team, and player requests during registration if applicable.

How do I become a referee with Land Park Soccer Club?

New and current referees are welcome to referee with Land Park Soccer Club. We can train and support anyone in refereeing provided that they are 12 years old or older. Please visit the Referee page on the Land Park Soccer website for the latest information. You may also contact our Head Referee, Rob Meyer at [email protected].

How do I become a coach with Land Park Soccer Club?

To be a coach with Land Park Soccer, you will need to register as a coach during our registration period. You will have to pass a LiveScan background check, US Club Background Check and take the required SafeSport classes regarding safety and concussion protocols. For more information you can contact [email protected]

Can I purchase Land Park Soccer Club branded gear?

Yes! We will be promoting a web store this year.

Are parents required to volunteer?

Land Park Soccer Club asks that each family volunteer five hours each year or pay a $50 fee. The fee is assessed at player registration. At the end of the soccer season, the volunteer coordinator will provide the club President and Registrar the names of the families that completed their five volunteer hours. Families will be issued a coupon code to use during the subsequent year registration to cover the volunteer fee. Alternatively, a family may request to be refunded the fee at the end of the soccer season.

Are coaches required to volunteer?

Parents who are registered as coaches or assistant coaches have met their volunteer commitment through their coaching commitment, no additional volunteer hours are required. Coaches will be provided with a coupon code to remove the $50 fee from their registration. If you are a new coach, after teams are formed please contact the registrar at [email protected] to receive a refund of the $50. Additionally, each team is allowed to report to the Volunteer Coordinator one team parent to meet the volunteer commitment.

How do I meet my volunteer commitment?

Throughout the year the Volunteer Coordinator will advertise opportunities for families to meet their volunteer commitment. These opportunities include volunteering at events and tournaments hosted by the club, supporting the Board working on a committee, assisting a Board member with special duties, and other jobs as identified. The Volunteer Coordinator tracks the volunteer hours and reports to the Board.

How can I get involved with Land Park Soccer Club?

Land Park Soccer Club is always looking for people interested in getting involved. Opportunities range from participation on the Land Park Soccer Board to volunteering at one of the many events the club hosts, to everything in between. If you are interested in getting involved in the club, please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] or to the Club President at [email protected], to learn more details on how you can support the club. If you have experience in event planning, accounting, non-profits, marketing, social media, graphic design, or are just particularly well-organized, we could use your help!

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is as follows:
100% refund if requested before until June 15th.
50% refund if requested before August 1st.
After August 1st, refunds are looked at on a case by case basis.
This is due to the work that has been put in to assign children to teams and fees to US Club that have already been paid for all children playing by the time they are on the field.

How do I request a refund?

Please send an email to [email protected] stating the reason for canceling your registration. We’ll get back to you within 48 to 72 hours.

Is there financial assistance?

Yes, scholarships are available. Please use this form to apply: or contact [email protected]