If you are looking for Uniforms: Land Park Soccer has a partnership with Kombat Soccer. You can purchase a USSF Economy Jersey (Yellow), Black Shorts and USSF Official Socks for $56. Please email robertmeyer916@gmail.com with your shirt, short and shoe size. Include your cell phone and name for the order. Payment information will be sent to you.

You may also order online at www.officialsports.com, or purchase in store such as Extreme Sports at 535 Fulton Way, Sacramento, CA or 95825. Order or purchase ASAP for the coming season.

Uniforms and Supplies (What should I buy)
What should you have?
1. USSF Official Sports Referee Shirts – Yellow is essential. Then purchase black, blue, green, then red. The website has men’s and women’s shirt options. Economy or Professional shirts are okay. Have a black plain tshirt, always.

2. USSF Official Sports Referee Shorts – All black with pockets. May have USSF Logo.

3. USSF Official Sports Referee Socks – All black with two-stripe design sock preferred. Three white strip okay, Plain all black, okay.

4. Flags – purchase your own set if you can.

5. Whistle – Fox 40 Recommended

6. Yellow and Red Cards

7. Watch – Timex Ironman recommended, anything with a Timer feature. Practice Using it.

8. Patch Velcro for your Badge!

Bring: pens, coin, sunscreen, bug spray (if needed), license copy, rules (copy), printed schedule of your games, water and snacks